Headed By:

Revenue Superintendent:

Brief Function:

Revenue Branch maintains the complete record of all the concerned heads of receipts & expenditures for the financial year, which starts on 1st July and ends on 30th June. Revenue Branch mainly deals with all type of taxation on the property managed by WCB. Property Owner pays tax for the current year and also pays arrears (if any). Revenue branch has tow types of revenue sources, land and non-land. Land sources include taxation on all WCB-managed land. Non-land sources include like roadside signboard, professional tax. It receives and keeps the record of tax collection made on almost all land and non-land sources.

Important Activities:

Revenue branch becomes active in the following cases

  • Assessment of newly constructed property
  • House tax payment by property holder
  • Water tax payment by property holder
  • Sewerage Tax payment by property holder
  • Annual rent payment of leased land
  • CB Shops rent payment
  • Professional Tax payment
  • Demand for Professional License
  • Hoarding/sign boards /advertisement boards installment
  • Rent payment of all types of advertisement boards

Revenue Branch also sends notice to property holders on non-payment of taxes or any other deviation from WCB’s revenue branch rules & regulations.

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