Modernization And Computerization Of Walton Cantonment Board

Walton Cantonment Board Lahore is an important center of commerce, industry, education
and medicine. Due to the rapidly growing population, the Walton Cantonment Board faces
various challenges. Estimates put the population 500,000 lac people. WCB is the Second
largest Cantonment Board of Punjab.
Due to its every increasing work load and developmental work the WCB has recognized the
need to modernize and computerize its systems. WCB Management System includes:

    1. General Administration System

      o Employee Profile
      o Strength Policy
      o Group life Insurance
      o Annual Increment
      o Record Daily Attendance
      o Generate LFP

    2. Accounts and Financial Management System

      o Define Chart of Accounts
      o Open/Close Financial Year
      o Set Budget Allocated
      o Set Opening Balance
      o Define Personal Ledger Heads
      o Collect Revenue Tax
      o Keeping Vouchers
      o Generate Monthly Salary
      o Keep Pension and Commutation Information
      o Define Employee Loans

    3. Land Management System

      o Keep General Land Information
      o Keep land Advertisement
      o Keep Land Top Bidders
      o Keep Land Leasing Information
      o Keep Land Sale Information
      o Keep Building Plan
      o Land Owner Violations

    4. Revenue ( Tax Management System )

      o Define All Residential and Commercial Policy
      o Annual Property Assessment
      o Water and Sewerage Tax
      o Generate Property Tax
      o Keep Professional information
      o CB Property Information
      o CB Property Rent

    5. Engineering Management System

      o Define Small Engineering Project
      o Define Engineering Project
      o Project Advertisement
      o Keep Project Top Bidder
      o Project Contract Information
      o Maintain Project Measurement Book
      o Record Project Contractor Payment
      o Repair Information of WCB Installations
      o Road Signals Information
      o Street Light Information
      o Maintain Vehicle Fuel Consumption