Headed By:

Land Superintendent :

Muhammad Adnan (Asst. Land Superintendent)


Land Branch maintains the record of all the lands within the boundary of Walton Cantonment Board. Land is grouped as:

Important Activities:

Land Branch becomes active when there is land leasing, land transfer, construction, and alteration in already built structure, noticing violations, making sure the proper usage of land. Walton Cantonment Board land branch actually keep records of the following activities:

  • Land Leasing
  • Construction / Alteration / Reconstruction Building Plan
  • Extension in Building Completion Plan
  • Verification of Construction
  • Unauthorized Construction
  • Repair Work in existing Building
  • Improper Ramp
  • Transfer of Immovable Property Tax
  • Property Mutation
  • Construction Rules Implementation
  • Rent Per Anum