Headed By:

Chief Cantonment Engineer: Niaz Hussain


Engineering branch keeps record of all the expenses made under certain head for new work and carried over execution and repair work. It is also the responsibility of branch to prepare the budget of the Engineering branch for the financial year.

Important Activities:

Engineering branch becomes active when there is any new work application or complaint from the people living in the WCB boundary and from higher officials of WCB, MEO and DML&C about road, street light, sewerage, water connection or any other work comes under the scope of engineering branch. It is responsible for building and maintenance of roads, water supply, sewerage, streetlights, fountains and road signals. This branch carries out the following main activities.

    1. Water New Connection
    2. Water Disconnection
    3. Water Reconnection
    4. Sewerage New Connection
    5. New Work Execution
    6. New Work Project
    7. New Project Allotment
    8. Project Payment
    9. Project Completion
    10. Small Project
    11. Road Maintenance Work
    12. Other Maintenance Work
    13. Routine Repair Work
    14. Application about Problems
    15. Budgeting
    16. Street Light Management
    17. Fountains Management
    18. Traffic Signals Management
    19. Vehicle Management