Walton Cantonment Board maintains a wide network of about 489600 rft pipelines of water supply proving water for the residents of  Walton Cantonment.

WCB have maintained 91 Tube wells in Walton Cantt area. There are 51 water filtration plants installed in Walton Cantt for provision of pure and hygienic water to the residents of Cantt area. All filtration plants are functional and well maintained. The cartridges are being changed on regular basis after every 03 months.

Tubewells 36.41 MG/Daily

Current Population (Approx) 0.569 M 
Water supply served through all sources 100 % of population
Water demand 60 Gallons per day per capita
Total daily demand 34.14 MGD
Daily Average Supply 36.41 MGD

Mr Ayaz Khan, Cantonment Overseer (CO) 0321-9030118


List of Tube Wells

S.No Location
1 Dispensary road R.A Bazar
2 Staff Colony R.A Bazar
3 Civil Defence near R.A Bazar
4 Nishat Park
5 Imam Bargah Nishat Colony
6 Askari-VIII
7 Science Degree College
8 Mariyum Colony near Block-D Gala DHA
9 Nishat Qazi road near Saleemi Marriage Hall Akhri stop
10 Nishat Colony Block-F
11 Check Post Bedian road near Gora graveyard
12 Askari-III Bedian road  MP Check Post
13 Keer Khurd
14 Ali View Garden Ph-I near Gourmet Bakery
15 Keer Khurd graveyard near Ali View garden Ph-III
16 Ali View Garden Ph-III
17 Shah Khawar town
18 Bhatta Chowk near Cantt View School
19 Al-Falah town near Park
20 Imran Park Bedian road
21 Sadaat town main road
22 Check post Walton road
23 Rose & Jasmine Park, Masood Anwari Road, Cavalry Ground
24 Shami road near check post
25 St No.17 Cavarly ground near Shami road
26 Sultan Park near Disposal
27 27 No. stop, main Walton road
28 St No.13, Gulbahar colony
29 Khalid Masjid Park Cavalry ground
30 St No.4 CB shop Cavalry ground near Best Buy Store
31 St No.04 near Bungalow No.148 Cavalry ground
32 Rehmania Masjid Zaman Colony
33 St No.13 Madina Colony near Mian chowk
34 Academy road near Railway line
35 St No.10, Madina colony Academy road
36 Gulbahar Colony St No.01 (Old) near Jinnah Flyover
37 Defence chowk in front of Gourmet Bakery Walton road
38 Abid road Islam Nagar Walton road
39 Sheraz Villas Walton road (Lahori Sweet)
40 Shaheen colony Walton road
41 Qadri colony main Walton road
42 Super town Qasaiyan wali gali Kourey pind
43 Nakai House Riffle range road Iqbal Park
44 Iqbal Park Lodhi street
45 Kourey village Aslam Niazi wala
46 Qadri colony St No.02
47 Peer Colony St No.03, near Disposal Walton road
48 Peer Colony St No.03
49 Peer Colony St No.07, main Walton road
50 Farooq Colony main Walton road
51 Farooq Colony near Zainab Masjid
52 St No.09, Al-Noor Town
53 Model colony graveyard near Defence Gala
54 Model Colony No.02, near DHA Boundary
55 Charrar Village Ghazi road near 1122 Office
56 Charrar Village near Graveyard
57 Khayaban e Iqbal Waheed Park
58 Eid Gah Amersidhu
59 Dera Bhulleh Shah Amersidhu
60 Dera Baba Riaz Shah Amersidhu
61 Gulistan Colony graveyard Bodhi wala
62 Gulistan Colony Ferozepur road
63 Sapan wala Bazar Ferozepur road
64 Firdous Park Ferozepur road near Disposal
65 Khaira Distributor Ferozepur road
66 Shaukat town graveyard (Muslim)
67 Shaukat town graveyard (Christian)
68 Shaukat town Dispensary
69 Javed Colony
70 Shahid Town
71 Yaseen town link Ghazi road
72 Defence Fort link road Punjab Society
73 Punjab Co-Operative housing scheme
74 Askari-V Kalma Chowk main gate
75 Askari-V Villas Masjid road
76 Askari-V Dhobi ghat Kalma chowk
77 St No.09, Askari-V Kalma chowk
78 Model colony No.01, near girls primary school (New)
79 Shah Taj Colony (New)
80 Gulbahar Colony St No.01 (New)
81 Kourey Village near Saith Abid flat
82 Askari-III Bedian road
83 Manawala village
84 Best Buy Store
85 Qainchi Amersidhu
86 Ayesha Masjid Nishat Colony
87 Ghazni lane new Super town
88 Al-Noor town
89 Dera Riaz Shah
90 Al-Falah town near Madrassa
91 Askari-V Kalma Chowk
92 R.A Bazar near Old Football Ground
93 Block - J Mariyam Colony
94 Rehmat Chowk Madina Colony
95 Catholic Church Street Model Colony
96 Riffle Range Road near Dhairy Peer Darbar
97 St 7 Peer Colony Walton Road
98 Farooq Colony Main Walton Road

List of Filtration Plants

S.No Location
1 R.A Bazar Children Park
2 Staff Colony R.A Bazar
3 Ahmed Bukhsh road near Office
4 Askari-VIII Nishat
5 Faisal Ghuman road near Science degree college
6 Mariyam Colony
7 Qazi road near DHA Boundary wall
8 Block-F Nishat Colony
9 Keer Village near Darbar
10 MP Check Post Bedian road
11 Ali View Garden Ph-I
12 Ali View Garden Ph-III
13 Chung Khurd
14 Cantt View Scheme
15 Al-Falah town near Park
16 Sadaat town
17 St No.04, near Best Buy store
18 St No.06, Gulbahar colony
19 Rehmania Masjid Zaman Colony
20 St No.13, Madina Colony
21 Academy road Madina Colony
22 Madina Colony Railway line
23 Abid road Islam Nagar
24 Sheraz Villas Walton road
25 27 No. Stop Walton road
26 Iqbal Park
27 Qasaiyan wali gali Super town
28 St No.07, Peer colony Walton road
29 Farooq Colony
30 St No.09, Al-Noor town
31 Graveyard Model Colony
32 Khayaban e Iqbal Waheed Park
33 Eidgah Amer sidhu road
34 Bulleh Shah
35 Dera Riaz Shah
36 Shaukat town
37 Javed Colony
38 Defence Fort
39 Punjab Housing Society
40 St No.45 Askari-V
41 St No.09, Askari-V
42 Askari-V Kalma Chowk near Masjid
43 Askari-III Bedian road
44 Manawala (New)
45 Al-Amin Society (New)
46 Al-Falah town (New)
47 Bodi wala Qabristan (New)
48 Al-Noor town Family Park (New)
49 Defence chowk (New)
50 7up Bridge Cavalry ground (New)
51 Firdous Park
52 Rabbani Road Nishat Colony
53 Ghazi Lane new Supertown
54 Rehman Villas

Overhead Water Tanks

OWT on following locations are under construction and shall be operational soon

S.No Location Capacity
1 Askari-III 50,000
2 Askari-VIII 50,000
3 Peer Colony 100,000
4 Cavalry Ground 100,000
5 Askari-V 100,000
6 Askari-V 100,000