Rates of relevant charges fixed by the Board vide its CBR No. 44 dated 06-06-2016 are as under.


For Residential Building For Commercial Building
1 – 8 Marla Rs. 5,000/- 1 – 8 Marla Rs.35,000/-
9 – 16 Marla Rs. 7,000/- Above 8 Marla Rs.50,000/-
Above 16 Marla Rs. 11,000/-    


For Extension and Enlistment Fee Rate for Non-Tax Revenue
1st Extension Fee (Residential)

Rs. 3,000/- (upto 10 Marla)

Rs. 5,000/- (above 10 Marla)
Mutation Fee (Residential) Rs.1,000/-
2nd Extension Fee (Residential)

Rs. 5,000/- (upto 10 Marla)

Rs. 7,000/- (above 10 Marla)
Mutation Fee (Commercial) Rs.2,000/-
1st Extension Fee (Commercial) Rs. 20,000/- Copying Fee Rs.200/-
2nd Extension Fee (Commercial) Rs. 30,000/- Demarcation Fee Rs.5,000/-
    Sale of Form (Schedule V & Others) Rs.300/-
    Typing Charges per Page Rs.100/-
Architect Enlistment/ Renewal Fee Rs.30,000/- per annum Misc Rs.300/-
Professional Tax Rs.5,000/- per annum GLR Extract Fee. Rs.500/-


Development Charges
Residential @ Rs. 7,500/- Per Marla
Commercial @ Rs. 50,000/- Per Marla


Building Application Tax Formula

Status Proposed Rates
Residential Building 1500 x Total Covered Area x 0.04 = Rs. 6 per sft
Commercial Building 1800 x Total Covered Area x 0.04 = Rs. 8 per sft
For Revised Building plans 50% of the charges payable according to the rates referred to above
Conversion Charges 25% of the DC rates from Agricultural to Commercial
20% of the DC rates from Residential to Commercial
10% of the DC rates from Industrial to Commercial