Walton Cantonment Board, which came into being in 1998, upon bifurcation of Lahore Cantonment into two Cantts i.e. Lahore & Walton is spread over an area of 10,000 acres (15.625 Square miles) including the most posh living areas like Defence Housing Authority, Cavalry Ground, Askaries, the Civil Services academy (the alma mater of all Civil Servants) and in addition to this a number of villages (which were without the basic civic infrastructure) forms part of this Cantonment. With the grace of God most of the villages are now slowly and gradually developed and basic infrastructure is being laid. Population of Walton Cantt is presently 700,000 people approximately.

After local government elections in Cantonments in April 2015, first time a proper Board has been constituted.

Walton Cantonment has been divided into 10 electoral wards

Board Comprises

  • PCB (Sta Comd)
  • 12 x Civil Members (10 Elected & 02 Special Seats)
  • 09 x Nominated Members by Sta Comd
  • 01 x Magistrate 1st class nominated by DM
  • 02 x Ex Officio