Property tax is levied on all buildings in the Cantonment @ 15% of the annual rental value (ARV) i.e. the annual rent, a building actually fetches or is likely to fetch if rented out. At Walton Cantonment, we have endeavoured hard to streamline our property tax system. To eliminate discretion, reduce anomalies and disparities, we have evolved a mathematical mechanism since 01-07-2003 to arrive at the triennial rental value of a property.
The variables that come into play to determine this tax / rental value are:
For posh areas
  • Location
  • Total area of the premises
  • Total covered area of the building
  • Age of the building
For other areas
  • Location
  • Street width
  • Total area
  • No of Storyes

The proposed tax, thus calculated, is notified to the owner, who has the right to contest the proposed assessment by filing objections. Such cases are, thereafter, referred to an Assessment Committee. Even after the decision of the Assessment Committee, aggrieved parties have two further rungs of appeal available to them at:
   - District & Sessions Judge
   - DGML& C
In this context, we may also mention the rebates and exemptions available as;
   - Retired government servants and spouses 100 %
   - Serving government servants and spouses 60 %
   - Vacant & unproductive properties 100% (if for more than 60 days)
   - Maintenances & repairs 10 % ( up to 30th June of the current year)
   - Before 30th September 5 %
   - Destitution: up to 100% by the Board
At present, we have:
   - Residential Units 54945
   - Commercial Units 9481

   From the year 2010-2011 a formual for rented properties has also been implemented.

   To calculate your tax according to your area check out detail and examples from the file:

Tax Detail (requires MS Power Point 2007 or higher)

Transfer of Immovable Property Tax

This is an incidental tax and is levied @ 3 % of the consideration value of the property being transferred; the consideration value is generally worked out on the basis of evaluation carried out by the District Revenue Authorities for “ad valorem stamp duty”.